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Precautions while using ATM/Debit card

  1. Always keep card in your custody
  2. Sign on the back of the new card as soon as you get it.
  3. It is recommended that 3-digit CVV2 number present at the back of the ATM/debit card should be scratched to make it unreadable and memorized by the user.
  4. Cancel any unwanted or expired cards by contacting the card-issuer and cutting up the unwanted or expired card in at least two pieces.
  5. In case card is lost, immediately contact the concerned branch (Click here for branch contact details) or ATM Help Desk (1800-120-1600)(toll free) to hotlist user card, to avoid any misuse of card by anyone.
  6. It is recommended that mini-statements are regularly generated for reconciling/checking the transactions.

Suggestions for handling PIN

  1. While receiving the PIN please ensure that the envelope and the security document are not tampered with. In case of tampering contact call center immediately and do not use PIN.
  2. Do not keep the PIN along with the card. Always memorize the PIN and destroy the PIN mailer.
  3. Change ATM/ Debit card PIN through CSFB ATM, immediately at first use.
  4. Change PIN number at frequent intervals or when it seems to have been compromised/ shared.
  5. Do not choose a PIN that can be obviously associated with user- e.g. telephone number, birthday, street number or popular sequence numbers (1111, 1234 etc). Choose a random combination of number.
  6. Never write down or record user PIN or other security information on card or at a place easily accessible by others.
  7. Do not reveal user PIN or any security information on card to anyone. Neither the Bank nor any Authorized Agencies will ever ask you to disclose your PIN. In case of any such happening please note the particulars of the caller and report to the ATM Help Desk (1800-120-1600 (toll free)) and e-mail (

Precautions while using at ATMs

  1. Do not conduct any transaction on ATM, if you found the surroundings suspicious. Look out for suspicious devices on ATMs or pinpads.
  2. Do not accept help from strangers / guards and never allow yourself to be distracted
  3. Always ensure while doing transactions, no one is present around ATM machine.
  4. If there is anything unusual about the ATM machine, or there are signs of tampering of machine, do not use the ATM machine and report to Bank immediately.
  5. Use your body to block the view of user transaction. Especially while entering PIN and withdrawing the cash.
  6. Don’t discard receipts and mini-statements or balance inquiry slips which contain important information. User gets a receipt every time user makes an ATM transaction.
  7. Tear up or preferably shred user cash machine receipt, mini-statement or balance enquiry when disposing them off.
  8. After completing transaction, remember to take your card back.
  9. If the ATM machine does not return the card, report its loss immediately to user Bank/branch on the numbers displayed in CSFB ATMs.

Blocking of Card by sending SMS

To block the lost or stolen ATM/Debit card, the customer/card holder may follow the below mentioned process:

  • Send BLOCK <Account No> to +919222655555 from the registered mobile no.

The card holder will receive the confirmation message for card blocking.

In case the card holder has multiple ATM/Debit cards in the same account and same registered mobile number, please follow below mentioned steps:

  • Send BLOCK <Account No> to +919222655555 from the registered mobile no.

The card holder will get an SMS with all the ATM/Debit cards registered in the account.

  • Send BLOCK <Account No> <Last 4 Digits of your ATM/Debit Card> to +919222655555.

The card holder will receive the confirmation message for card blocking.

Note: The Process will block your ATM/Debit card permanently and you may contact the parent branch for re-issuance of the card (subject to re-issuance charges).

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As per RBI directives, customers are advised to replace your existing magnetic stripe only debit cards with the EMV card from your branch.

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